Glyphs Stretched Above Ascender

I’m experiencing a weird issue where all of the top of my Capital Letter glyphs are stretched above the Ascender after I export the font.

Here’s a screenshot:

Any recommendations?

Can you send us the .otf and the .glyphs file?

How are you testing your font?

Georg Seifert
Great, I’ll send a copy of the file.

I use Font Prep to export webfonts and experience the issue in Firefox. The font works fine in Chrome, Safari and desktop applications.

Can you please be more specific? Which platform? With which webfont format? I suspect a hinting problem, but it is hard to tell from a distance. Does this problem also occur with webfontmaker and Fontsquirrel?

I’m on Mac OS X 10.8.4. It occurs in Firefox with OTF and TTF. I haven’t tested SVG, EOF, WOFF, but I imagine I would experience the same issue. I have not tried webfontmaker or Fontsquirrel.

In the File > Font Info > Masters, the vertical metrics, the stems and the zones were not set correctly. This may have caused the display glitch.

Thanks for the info. I also received an email from Georg that sorted out the letter glyphs issue.

I have an update. Now that the letter glyphs have the correct metrics, I am experiencing the blurry icon issue that I mentioned in a previous post.

Any recommendations on how to maintain crisp, sharp icons while also maintaining the correct letter glyph metrics?

Here’s the previous post:

That was me answering. The support mail is handled by both Georg and me.

Again, if you want crisp pixel display, it is crucial you specify the platform, browser and the rendering mechanism in use. Results differ depending on these factors.

E.g., on the Mac with font smoothing on, it largely depends on the design of your letters. It measures a few key glyphs and then calculates its own hinting. So you will have to adapt the design of the icons to the letters or the other way around. Leave out the letters in your font, and it will render differently.

Thanks for the clarification. I read the Pixel Refection tutorial. Would manually hinting, either the icons or letters, make the blurry icons sharp and crisp?

No. MacOS ignores all hints.

Georg Seifert
Thanks for clarifying.

I look forward to the day when high resolution displays are the norm.