Glyphs that are made from `alef-ar.short` component

Some glyphs are make from alef-ar.short component, though this is desired for many designs, not all Arabic designs require (or even allow) short alef, so I think it would be nice if alef-ar would be used if the short variant is missing since it confuses a lot of people that Make Component Glyph does not work for these glyphs (the same goes for other .short components).

It is supposed to pick up the glyph without the suffix. I’ll fix it.

edit: I tried it and it works as expected. So if you don’t have a alef-ar.short, you will get alef-ar.


You are right, sorry for the misreport.

It seems that making components glyphs are not working at all in this font (others are fine), not sure what is wrong with it (I’m sure it was working a few days ago).

AmiriII.glyphs (205.1 KB)

Works for me. Maybe you need to close and reopen?

I did that a few times already, no change.

Do you have a custom GlyphData.xml in that folder?

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There was one but I removed it already, but the parent folder had one and everything is fine now after I removed that one two (not really custom files, but the one from glyphsLib as I was checking it for something).