Glyphs updates component glyphs only when showing them in the overview?

Whenever I make e.g. spacing changes to base glyphs and save, I notice that the next time I scroll though the glyphs overview, component glyphs that use the base are marked gray for having changed. When I save again, the transformations are updated in the source. Why do I need to (sluggishly) scroll through the list of all weights to have a fully updated source file when saving on just a single glyph change?

Updating everything all the time would introduce a big overhead. So it is only aligned when needed, like when you see it in the font view or when you export.

Please add “saving” to the list of need-actions, then. It’s annoying to have to amend commits because you forgot to scroll through all weights.

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Any news here? Updating everything before serializing to disk should be reasonable, performance-wise.

That should be fixed for some time now. Do you still have an issue with it? Can you send me sample data?

Oh, okay. I thought I saw something. Will see if that was a fluke.