Glyphs vanish after copy-pasting or duplicating [848]

When I copy glyphs from one font to another, or duplicate a glyph within a font, the new glyphs do not show up in the font list or in the edit window. I can fix the issue by running Update Glyph Info on the whole font, but it’s ugly.

EDIT: I also just got a crash when running Update Glyph Info from within an edit window. I guess it might be related to the other issue.

I can’t reproduce this. Can you make a screencast? You might be doing something else that I think.

I’ve also had trouble reproducing it. I’m not sure if it got better because I populated the previously empty Arabic inventory (which presumably included a lot of links to empty glyphs) or because I kept updating Glyphs. I’ll notify you if it happens again.