Glyphs Viewer: Not working with App Store Version of Glyphs

Morning All

The App Store version of the Glyphs viewer doesn’t seem to recognize the “GlyphsPreviewServer.glyphsPlugin” as a plugin. (I get a generic text doc icon). For me the file opens in Text Wrangler if I double-click it.

If I manually install the plugin in the plugins folder, it still doesn’t work.

I did download the demo of version 1.3.25, and everything worked as promised. Any suggestions for getting this to work on the App Store version?

Update of the App Store version is coming. We cannot make any predictions when it will go live though. Best we can say is, ‘soon.’

I downloaded the latest GlyphsPreviewServer.glyphsPlugin today and double clicked on it. It opened a Terminal window (see here and then I launched Glyphs and then launched GlyphsViewer on the iPad. Both are on the same wifi network but they are not recognizing each other. Am I doing anything wrong?

Which version of Glyphs are you running?