Glyphs vs Glyphs Mini

I just bought Glyphs Mini… how do I import SVGs? There is no File:Import like there was in the Glyphs full version trial, dragging and dropping dosen’t seem to work, and obviously the Scripts menu is gone…

(also just a little bug, “Glyphs:Edit Extrems” should read “Glyphs:Edit Extremes”)


You should be able to drag svg file in the edit view.


When I drag this SVG

Onto the window I get this incorrect path:

Help! (:

@eeeps This will be fixed in the next update.

Hi Georg,

I sent you an email about getting Glyphs Mini directly from you.

  • Anders

Great! Thanks so much!

Any hint to when this next update will be released? (:

I’m working hard in it, butI have to fix some more small issues first.

Hi there,

isn’t it necessary to mention that layers aren’t supported in glyphs mini?
That this is one of the best features in glyphs at all IMHO. And i was kind of dissappointed when i first saw that this feature was missing in glyphs mini.

keep up the good work
best regards

Just a gentle nudge to get an update with SVG import fixed out… Love the program but haven’t really been able to use it since my trial period ended and I decided to go for Mini vs. the full app…

Thanks for all your hard work!

@eeeps The svg import should work in the latest version. I only recently found an issue with SVGs from Inkscape that uses a format that I could not find in the specs.

If you have a .svg file that does not import well, can you send it to me?

The “n.svg” file I posted earlier in the thread still generates the same result… I don’t think there’s been a Glyphs update since my earlier post? (I’m on “Version 1.0.1 (15)”) Here are a bunch of other svgs, some of which import crazy and some of which don’t import at all:

I’m not using Inkscape, I’m using a GUI to a command line utility called potrace that converts bitmaps to vectors:

(Inkscape might use potrace internally?)

Here’s a screenshot of the settings I’m using:

I had similar problems with this workflow when using the the trial of the full version but you were able to get import working there for me after I bugged you about it over email…

Again thanks for all your hard work!

The svgs from potrace should work fine in the version I send to the App Store. I hope that it will be approved, soon.

Awesome! Can’t wait. Go app store reviewers go!


Have just had loads of fun playing with the full version demo, and will be buying the ‘mini’ version soon. I just wanted to say what a nice job you’ve done on the program!


Thanks Phil

Hi Georg, I also wanted to echo some fothe other comments, 1) thanks for making a great app! 2) I also am disappointed that no layers are supported by Glyphs Mini, layers was a big reason I wanted to go with it, but I cannot afford the full glyphs app just yet. Will layers ever be included in Mini? Thanks!

Also, I can’t for the life of me figure out how to have a grid show. And the Help menu is for the full version of Glyphs - will that be fixed in an update?

You can enable and show a grid in Font Info > Metrics > Grid.

Unfortunately this will not happen.