Glyphs with calt or titl suffix are ignored

while setting "generate Feature Automatically"
Is there a way to save manual coding ?

What does the title of the thread has to do with your question?

Pardon me if I’m unclear;
I simply am wondering why glyphs with calt suffix or titl are not showing when automatically updating/compiling features?

Calt features need information about the context than the glyph name can provide.
The .titl feature should work. What version of glyphs do you have?

Version 2.4.2 (1017)

.titl suffixed glyphs trigger the creation of the titl feature in Build 1029 as expected.

I agree with you @GeorgSeifert & @mekkablue that titl feature is automatically generated for Latin script; But It seems I missed to convey that my attempts to adopt that feature was intended to Non-Latin scripts… glyphs with .titl suffix are not triggering that feature automatically.
So far it works for me by manual coding.

What are your glyph names for the .titl and the base name?