Glyphs without automatic alignment are aligned automatically

In Glyphs 3, when a glyph contains only components and is not automatically aligned, automatic alignment is still applied on export. Here I make a /dieresiscomb from two /dotaccentcomb.

Opening up the exported OTF shows me this:

The two /dotaccentcomb have been stacked on export.

Here is the test-font: Test.glyphs (7.1 KB)

(Disabling automatic alignment globally in the font info works, but I use automatic alignment all over my project and do not want to disable it globally.)

Thanks for the file. Fixed it.

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Thank you! Looking forward to try the cutting-edge version.

I am using build 3033.

This is happening to me before I export.

If I disable auto alignment in twodotshorizontalbelow-ar and place the dots side by side, everything looks fine.

But if I open the edit window for the yeh-ar glyph, auto alignment switches back on. It also switches on in each related component glyph i click on in font view.

Image from Gyazo

That might be the same problem. I’ll upload a new version soon.

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The test file I sent for the component reference bug can be used to recreate this bug too.

Glyphs 3 has some brilliant new features, Thanks!

Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face: I just wanted to write that this bug is still destroying components.

Can you check the latest cutting edge version if it is still a problem?

No longer a problem in 3.0.1 (3034), thank you!