Glyphs won't Start

Here is what I got when I open Glyphs. Never had this message before. Can’t open the app in order to update.

Same problem. Very annoying. I usually do updates from within Glyphs, which is now no longer possible.

I went back to the first Glyphs version I got and updated from there. Not sure how I would have gotten past it, since it didn’t allowed for updates. Latest versions are getting some strange glitches.

Redownlading and updating doesn’t help?

Didn’t even thought of that.

Same thing just happened again. had to go back to a really old version in order to start my app, it says that you need to update but you cannot update since you are not allowed in the app.

It is really frustrating to be forced to update!

This are Beta versions. I don’t like people to use old version with long fixed bugs. If there is something broken in a newer version I need to know. If you don’t like updating, there is always the stable version.