Glyphs2 crushed in Big Sur 11.5.2

Hello there.
First of all, I use Glyphs2(2.6.7) in Big Sur(11.5.2).
Glyphs turns off when certain functions(transform panel, show master compatibility…) are used.
The situation in which the problem occurs is as follows.

  1. open file and use functions
  2. close file
  3. open another file and use functions
  4. crushed…

As I checked, same symptoms appeared on different systems of the same OS version(11.5.2), and there was no problem in Big Sur 11.4.
Is it a problem with the Big Sur 11.5.2?
And if it’s a problem with OS version, is it possible to solve it through an update?
I attached the problem report, so please check it.
Thank you. (35.6 KB)

For the record: I have no problems with that setup (also, M1).

I am having the same problem. Whenever I change values in the transform panel the app crashes. The last operation that crashed the program was checking a field in the special paste operation. Please help!

It works fine for me on macOS 10.13.6. You are running an old version, so try updating to the latest cutting edge version, 3.0.4 [3097]. That may fix your problem.

Couldn’t find any 3.0.4 version, and checking for updates shows me this:
Screen Shot 2021-08-17 at 8.22.00 PM

You can get the cutting edge version by activating it in Preferences > Updates.

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Yup. Seems to have solved it. Many thanks for the advice. :grinning: :+1: :+1:

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We are currently unable to move to Glyphs 3 due to plugin issues.
Can’t we solve this problem in Glyphs 2?

Glyphs 2 works for me on Big Sur. In the steps mentioned above, what are you doing as “use functions”? Also, which plugin issues are you having with Glyphs 3?

The functions mentioned above are transform panel and show master compatibility. This problem occurred after Big Sur was updated to the latest version(11.5.2). There was no problem in Big Sur 11.4.

The plugin issue I mentioned is to modify the plugin we made in Glyphs 2 to the Glyphs 3 version.

same here! Having a LOT of crashes with G2 on Big Sur 11.5.2! Can’t move to G3 either for this project…

crashes happen every 1 - 5 min, mainly when I change something in view, for ex.: show background, show metrics, or when i change setting in the export dialogue…

The most likely cause is an issue with a plug-in. Hold down Option+Shift during app start to disable plug-ins. If Glyphs starts, then it is a matter of finding out which plug-in causes the trouble. Please report back here if you know which one it was. See this tutorial for more measures you can take.

Unfortunately this did not help, still the same :frowning:

I can consistently replicate this and can tell it is not plugin related. Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open Glyphs 2 (1356) with plugins disabled (Opt+Shift) in Big Sur 11.5.2.
  2. Create a new file.
  3. Open an edit tab, right-click the preview pane and select “Always center active glyph”.
  4. Close the file.
  5. Create a new file.
  6. Open an edit tab, right-click the preview pane and select “Always center active glyph”.
  7. CRASH!

As far as I can tell it will crash when activating/deactivating any reporter plugin. The “Always center active glyphs” is just the shortest route I found.

I just checked again and it seems that I had fixed this already. Will update a new version.

Have uploaded a new version.


Seems to have solved. Thanks.