GLyphs3 bug exporting Indesign


When I export a font into the Adobe Fonts folder it’s there but it doesn’t show in real-time in Indesign, I need to restart Indesign to have the latest export. This makes it hard for the workflow. I have the latest version of Glyphs3. (3091).

Thank you

This is not really a Glyphs bug.

What folder do you use? For me, putting it in /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Fonts works very well.

Yes, that is my folder too. Not sure why it happens. Maybe this is the explanation.

It works fine using Glyphs2. But not Glyphs3.

I tried on a different machine and it doesn’t work. I do not get any report of exporting, and it doesn’t even export the font in this new machine. I do not get the usual “Exported Successfully” like usually. Will try again tomorrow.

Don’t check the ‘Test Install’. That is for something else.

It finally works again on the laptop. It might me a conflict in my older iMac.

Thank you.