Glyphs3 Crash and understanding

Hi Glyphs3, thank you for this update that could be really great if everything works fine like previous version.
Here are stuff does"t work and really disabling:

  • Open some files made with last version of Glyphs2 make instantly crashs Glyphs3 (file doesn’t open and I need to restart Glyphs3 but nothing happens)
  • When I export OTF there is always a problem with auto hint and remove overlap picked on export windows (that never appears on the previous version of GLyphs2)

My Master are compatibles, I don’t have hint on my glyphs.
I install Python 3 from Modules extensions, I try to desvnstall and reinstall but it the same.

Thank you for your help cause I really need to go ahead with my type :frowning:

Can you update to the latest cutting edge version (enable it in Preferences > Updates).
Can you send me those files that Crash Glyphs 3?