Glyphs3 Variable Font Interpolation Issue - Handles operating not like in Glyphs2

The Variable Font export from Glyphs3 doesn’t work like in Glyphs2:

In the exported Variable Font the handles are moving not like it is displayed in the Glyphs3 editor.
That produces weird interpolations as you can see in the video below.
The video shows:
Top: Exported Variable Font from Glyphs2
Bottom: Exported Variable Font from Glyphs3

When I export the exact same file from Glyphs2, everything works fine and as intended in the exported Variable Font.

How can this problem be fixed in Glyphs3?


Can you send me the font?

I’ve send you the files via mail to support [e-mail address removed–Rainer]

I had a look at your file. The reason for the difference are some validations on flat and “dead” curves. Those are normalized now to avoid small bumps that can happen in very similar cases.

Thanks for the quick feedback!

Does that mean, that Glyphs3 isn’t capable of exporting this kind of Variable Font?
(I already tried extracting the handles, but that doesn’t solve every problem as for example in the A.)
This is very important for me because of the variable woff and woff2 export function of Glyphs3.

Do you know what could be a solution for getting the same export results as in Glyphs2?

I’ll think about this.

Ok many thanks in advance!