GlyphsApp autosave very slow

From time to time my GlyphsApp is slowing down. The curious thing is that it seems to happen from time to time. It’s like I’m drawing or fiddling with some vectors and all of a sudden the slow ball of death appears and everything is paused for a time. Sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. I think this is the autosave, but it shouldn’t be so slow, right? What is happening? Can I choose the frequency that Glyphs saves a safe copy of my file? My Mac is getting really full of files and I need to do some cleaning, but can this influence on the autosaving time of Glyphs? Or maybe I have too many layers on GlyphsApp? Or too many tabs opened? Is there a script in which I can delete layers from a specific time and before that? This wasn’t happening on the beginning of this year, as far as I can remember.

Too many layers and tabs can slow down the autosave. But a full hard disk can be worse.
How big is the .glyphs file?

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The .glyphs file size is 106,1 MB.

And where do you save it to (to a iCloud synced folder?) and what version MacOS do you have?

… speaking of slowness — sorry for highjacking — I recently observed a slow Edit View (again) with a letter that has many backup layers in all the 9 masters. It was so annoying that I made a copy of the glyph, deleted all the backup layers in the new one to keep on working.

That is a lot. Why is it so big? Are you using the Layer Whale plug-in?

I was testing the Layer Whale plug-in, but the trial period ended and I didn’t uninstall it. I didn’t know it could make the file size much bigger.

I save it locally on my hard drive. I don’t know, though, if the folder is synced to a iCloud folder. My McOS is MacOS Catalina, version 10.15.5.

How do I uninstall Layer Whale?