Glyphsapp crashing when trying to edit features

I’ve been modifying feature files in Glyphsapp the last couple of days, but since I’ve tried to copy / paste features between files the app has crashed, and now continues to crash whenever I try to modify the features in any way.

I’m on a MacBookPro 10.9.5, has anybody experienced this before? I’m also running the latest cutting edge version.

Can you send us the file?

Thanks for your response mekkablue

It’s happening on multiple files. It seems to crash whenever I do any edits in the feature tab.

You are sending all crash reports, right?

What version do you have?

I’ve had some crashes. I sent the crash reports, but I’ve been so busy I didn’t take time to write about them here. I think I was using Version 2.6.1 (1199) with OS version 10.13.6. I was editing nodes. Hope this helps.

Crisis averted, Thanks so much for your help.

I discovered that the cause was completely on my end.

Perhaps it might be worth mentioning what was causuing the app to crash:

I’ve only recently migrated to glyphs and have been opening .ufo files and working from them, but I noticed that when you put a hashtag in front of any classes to disable them temporarily, when opened in Glyphsapp (from .ufo) , it ignores the hashtag and imports the class regardless. This was doubling up classes and causing the app to crash.

Can you reproduce it when do it again with another .ufo file? Then it would be good if you could send me the file (original .ufo) and a screencast what you did to trigger the crash. That might help me reproduce the problem.

The crashes I see have something to do with auto saving. So the .ufo part might be the bigger cause of the problem.