Glyphsapp Filter suggestions

After using Glyphsapp some time, this are some suggestions I want to give in this topic regarding the filters

-A custom filter can better be renamed as a ‘smart filter’? That name describes more that it is an intelligent list.
-In the custom filter dialog, a selection of ‘contains components’ {Yes/No} would be nice. That way it is easy to see which glyphs is a combination of other glyphs, and it is easier to see if all the components are placed right.
-A custom list (smart list) should have an option “list has to fullfill {all/some} of the next rules:” This makes it easier to filter a specific type of glyphs.
-A list filter now uses a ‘predefined sorting.’ An option to use the default sorting would be nice. (Latin letter, Greek letter, and so on)

Any other thoughts?

What about, in addition to “contains components” generally, you could have “contains ___ as a component” specifically, so you could see all glyphs with a tilde, or a capital O, etc.?

So far I haven’t found myself using the custom filters as often as I expected.

I like both these ideas. Filters could be very powerful, saving time clicking through each glyph manually.

One other idea would be to have a filter to show glyphs that do not copy their sidebearings from another glyph. Many glyphs should be in metrics classes based on another glyph, and a sidebearings filter would allow omissions to be quickly found and put in classes if needed.

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There is already an option for components in the filters. It’s called: “First! Master have componentes” — for some reason :slight_smile:


Type "breve" or "tilde" in Search field.

About the ‘First master has components’: it only looks at the first master as glyphs usualy are compatible and thous the result would be the same and for the cases where the masters have different content, the shown glyphs would have to change when you change the active master.