Glyphsapp for linux

Is this possible somehow, someday?


Why Linux? Correct me if I am wrong but my impression is that there is virtually no market for font editing on that platform, even less than on Windows.

I think Mekkablue is right. Otherviews, I suggest you join the TruFont or Metapolator or Prototypo communities.

I would buy a license if it were available for Linux.

As it is now, my only choice would be to buy a Mac just to use this one app, which is hardly an attractive option.

I believe what I said back then still holds true. I still see no market for Glyphs on Linux, therefore it is not going to happen until that changes. Even the open source options on Linux only survive as long as their development is financed by third parties, then they fall asleep.

And buying a Mac gives you much more than just access to Glyphs.

I think Glyphs is a good reason to buy a Mac. But it’s true that Apple-stuff has premium pricing, But Linux users probably aren’t used to paying for their software - which won’t put food on the table for the Glyph folks.

This is a common preconception against Linux users. Many of us simply prefer Linux because of technical reasons and because it is a great environment for programming, sysadmin work etc. We are not unwilling to pay for software. For example, Steam on Linux has been available for years and the gaming market on Linux, although small, is doing rather well. Even before Steam there were porting companies like Feral who made a business of porting Windows games to Linux. The Humble Bundles for Linux even showed that Linux users were spending more money on average than Windows users.

Good points - and there are quite a few Linux users who run on Apple hardware, I think. Perhaps there will be a big enough market one day.

We are open for suggestions, but neither have the resources to maintain Glyphs on a second platform, nor can take the economic risk ourselves. If you are willing to invest, or know an investor, please get in touch. Or consider starting a crowdfunding campaign.

I will close this thread because it is becoming very far off topic.