GlyphsData writing directions

  1. When I set my Tengwar numerals to be RTL (they have to be RTL), the change doesn’t seem to affect them. Are the writing directions being ignored in the numerals?
  2. I’m using EditGlyphData; a great app, but its LTR setting is saved as “LRT”. I’m not sure if this is a thing with this app or also Glyphs; the latter seems to accept it as LTR though.
    EditGlyphData wish list:
  • I want to reorder the glyph entries by dragging and dropping (I can cut & paste in the meantime).
  • I want to batch-edit sortNames like you can rename files in Finder: select glyphs, specify the prefix and starting number.

I think I fixed some of the problems in EditGlyphData. I need to prepare an update.

You can add sort names already: Edit > Add Sort Names.

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I uploaded a new version.

Thanks! What about RTL numerals?

Can you give me an example of what you are trying?
I tried this:

And this gives me this file:

<glyphData format="2">
	<glyph name="one-tengwar" category="Number" subCategory="Digital Digit" direction="RTL" />

The XML file is fine. It’s the GlyphsApp that seems to ignore the setting while looking at the glyph info in the Glyphs file as well as the exported font.

Like I said, I need this to work in order to support Tengwar whose numerals are RTL. I’m not sure if applications ever expect RTL numerals, but all the Tengwar fonts I’ve looked have them marked as RTL.