Glyphspackage format and "last changed" information is lost?

I’m using the new glyphspackage file format, and it’s working well. However, it seems that the “last changed” information is no longer preserved when you save the file and re-open?

In the Finder, inside the package the modified, created, and last opened dates are always all the same. So it looks like - even if a glyph isn’t changed - the file times are updated to the time the “whole file” was saved. And when you reopen, all the date stamps are gone.

Is there a way round this? It’s useful to have some kind of audit trail… Perhaps storing the dates somewhere else>? Or is it possible to make a plugin that makes a log file that records when glyphs were modified…

The glyphsPackage format was introduced to better facilitate git workflows and there, the “lastChange” entry would only cause more noise.

And the files are always written to avoid inconsistencies.

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OK. Do you think some kind of plugin could keep a log of which characters were changed, and when?

I wrote a Plugin for that. Plugin save a list of all modified glyph in a text file locate in the same folder as your glyph file. Check your private message

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