.glyphsproject replace feature

Hi I’m trying to replace a feature in a .glyphsproject that contains only lookups. and Im getting the following error.

MakeOTF error
Error: "lookup name "SS02" not defined" in Feature salt in line: 1
Error: "lookup name "SS04" not defined" in Feature salt in line: 2

Any idea why? The features where this lookups are declared are not removed or modified and In the glyphs file the salt feature is after ss02, ss03, etc.

Thanks in advance

What is the code in salt?

Only this.

lookup SS02;
lookup SS04;
lookup SS06;
lookup SS07;
lookup SS11;

And where exactly did you define the lookups?

Inside each stylistic set I’ve defined Lookups with the same name for instance inside Stylistic set 02 I have lookup SS02. Later in salt I “call” this lookups. If I export the font normally everything works fine. But when I try to replace the feature (to remove some SS lookups) with the custom parameter in the .glyphs project I get the error.

Have you had a look at the .fea in the temp folder?

soo dumb error! Looking the .fea file I noticed that I had salt feature duplicated before lookup was defined.
Thanks @mekkablue!

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