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Is there a way to access the currently set writing mode (LTR / RTL) for the use in a plugin/script? A simple Bool would be enough.

Why does the following outputs an empty list, instead of the open fonts? It works in the macro panel, but not in the init function of a reporter:

def init( self ):
    self.Glyphs = GlyphsApp.Glyphs
    # ^^ works, so this should work as wel:
    # But it just returns an empty list

I need to get access to the font object, which should work like that, I assume?

GSEditViewController has writingDirection. This prints values 0, 1, or 2 depending on what you selecting (1 is RTL).

print font.tabs[-1].writingDirection()

The Glyphs.fonts works for me. What version do you have. I changed the implementation just recently.

many thanks Tosche, Bingo.

@Georg: Version 2.1.1 (769). Out of curiosity: What did you change? Will it work with the next update then? Cannot use cutting edge versions atm.

I have read this in the ChangeLog:

Allow menu items from reporter plugin

What’s it about? Cannot find any according changes in the SDK. Pretty curious, though.

Is there some possibility to apply sth. like drawForegroundForInactiveLayer_?

The SDK is not updated, yet.