Good practice: Interpolation 2 Axis (weight + contrast)

Hello, hello,

Before starting the drawing and designing phase I have a question. My project will need to include two axis. First axis being weight and the second one contrast. As I have already worked with 2 axis but only with weight and width, I was wondering how you would setup the masters and the instances especially on the contrast axis.
I work with with masters: Light, Light book, bold and bold book. I also have a book weight so maybe I’ll have 3 masters per axis.

Could you give me any tips or advices to how setup the environment before jumping to design please?

My Glyphs version is 2.4.2.

It would be similar to the setup for weight and width. Keep the same value for width in each of your masters, set the Custom value in each master to a name like Contrast with a value you choose for the contrast axis for each master as the design contrast changes.

It might be worth reading through the Multiple Masters tutorials and the Multiple Masters section of the Glyphs Handbook:

The first tutorial Multiple Masters, part 1: Setting up masters has some info on the Custom field under the Three Dimensions section.

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Thank you very much for your answer.