GPOS compile error

I modified an OFL font with the Disguise plugin. Getting this error. Thoughts on how I can narrow down how/where to look for the offending feature? I searched for GPOS errors and see there were issues with kerning pre v3.0.2.

Problem compiling “GPOS” table
Subtable Overflow in lookup: 1

That means that there is probably too much kerning in your font. How many kern pairs do you have?

4873 pairs. They were predefined in the OFL font.

FWIW, I did a clean up and then a compress and I no longer get the export error. Was this the proper solution?

How many glyphs does the font have? If it contains just Latin, that is a very high number.

Depends. Compressing means that glyph-to-glyph pairs are turned into group-to-glyph pairs, and group-to-glyph and glyph-to-group pairs are turned into group-to-group pairs. That may remove a lot of kerning exceptions.

There is a tutorial about kerning if you want to know more about this topic.