GPOS Moving glyph groups


I wanted to know if is possible to apply an opentype fea. pos rule to more than one glyph in a single contextual rule? I have seen a lot of examples using classes

For example:

pos @NUMR @NUMR fraction <350 0 0 0>; where the ’ is both @NUMR or two glyphs?

Sorry if a painfully new question. As a secondary question are there any good books/web resources on opentype features code? I found the opentype cookbook but struggling to find more/more intermediate stuff?

You don’t have any ' in your code.

You can do something like this:

pos @NUMR' <350 0 0 0> @NUMR' <350 0 0 0> fraction' <350 0 0 0>;  

For the most detailed description, have a look at the Adobe FDK spec.

Oh perfect, sorry I meant having ’ on @NUMR’ and @NUMR’ so that is what I needed to know in terms of formatting.

Thank you very much!