Grade values for variable font

I’m working in a variable font with six axis.
My GRADE axis have this values min=10 • default=50 • max=100
When export it GRADE axis don’t work and the values of it are changed to another values.
Perhaps I’m doing something wrong.

Do you have an axis location parameter in your masters, or a virtual master?

What version do you have?

Axis location parameter.
Running at latest cutting edge

Running at latest cutting edge

Can you send me the .glyphs file?


Thanks for the file I fixed it.

Thanks Georg
Can you send me the fixed file?

The fix is in the app. It will be in the next update. You could move the weight to the laster position or remove it altogether. The problem only happens with the sixth axis.

I can wait for it :slight_smile:

I am wondering, perhaps someone has any research material or can explain this to me: How does width vary from x Transparent?