Gradient Colour Layer in OpenType SVG font


I have looked everywhere for a tutorial to add gradient effects to glyphs in OpenType SVG fonts. I can use Glyphs to make layered colour fonts but really want gradient effects for symbols.

Is it possible in Glyphs? If so, how?

This is not possible, yet. I’ll have a look. Could you send me a screenshot and some sample outlines of what you like to achieve? (Send it by direct message in the forum).

I have written a couple of scripts to automate this process of exporting SVGs (with linear gradients) using the Drawbot plugin and importing them back. They are available on GitHub: GitHub - harbortype/glyphs-scripts: An assortment of scripts for the Glyphs font editor

You would need to adapt some JSON files with the layers and colors you want. It’s not a very intuitive process but it works nonetheless. This is why I decided to write these scripts:

Hi Georg,

I can send a file but these were very simple exports in SVG from apps like Illustrator CC18 or Affinity.

This looks very interesting and thank you for sharing. I will check it out!

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