Gradient missing in exported files

I can see glyphs in flat color and black, but no gradients – what am I missing?

Shapes were drawn in Glyphs 3 and I tried using export feature directly from software.
Gradients were added to shapes within Glyphs 3. Here I have main layer (master) and copy layer (Color 0)
– I tried removing color tick from main layer, adding color tick, color palette tick and svg tick to Color 0 layer
– in exported files the gradient shows up as a flat color; this is the color that was set up in Color Palette (font info)
– Color Palette was set up just 1 color
– I tried different shapes in main layer and Color 0 layer, and in exported files it recognises and displays Color 0 layer shape, unless when it shows a fallback (in black)

Custom parameters were added

  • Font info > Color Palettes (0)
  • Masters > Color Palettes (0)
  • Exports/Instances > Color Layers to SVG, Color Palette to SVG (0), Color Palette for CPAL (0), Export COLR Table, Export SVG Table

I tried previewing in Font Goggles, Axis-Praxis (using Chrome Canary) and Adobe InDesign 2022 (where it displayed the SVG icon by the font name). All of them show the flat color from the Color Palette instead of the gradients.

In the Glyphs 3 handbook and one of the forum posts here I saw that the gradient export (at least to SVG font) should be possible, but at this point I am stuck and can’t figure out what I missed.

Just in case, do you support COLRv1 or will be at some point in the near future?

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currently, gradients are only supported in SVG. CORL is supporting flat colors, only (adding support for the new version is on my list).