Grave accent not spaced in some apps

I’ve got a report from a CodePen user who is using my font on the platform. He is seeing that the grave accent is not spaced (I confirm it’s happening in Chrome and Firefox, not Safari). It’s also not happening with my older fonts.

It doesn’t happen outside CodePen but it’s also true that other fonts on the platform are fine. What could be causing the issue? Presence/absence of anchors in the component being used?

It appears that the CodePen font file is different to the retail version. Maybe CodePen is making modifications to the font files when integrating them into their service?

Did you check the metrics in the font?
Maybe not use components?

Looks like Florian was on the money. It does behave differently from the version that I sent to CodePen. Thanks both!

The CodePen version is also missing Greek, Cyrillic, and box drawing, so modifications of some kind have been made.

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