Green and Blue components

What’s the difference between components that are green and those that are blue?
When I use Paste Special of as component to make <three.osf> it appears blue in colour and I can move it down. However when I do the same for <> is appears green and I can not move it down. How can I make the <> glyph behave as standard lining fig does?

Does right click and disable automatic alignment help?

Yeah. I can do that and I’ve done so in the past. Just thought I’d ask this time as it seems illogical compared to the other fig glyphs behaviour.

According to the G3 manual on page 130, a blue coloured companent is able to be shifted vertically if it is designated as category ‘Number’ – which the .tf glyphs are.

The colors show different states of alignment. Green means fully aligned. But for numbers, you need to vertically move them to make osf versions. Those components are blue.

I read that in the G3 manual but I can’t get G3 to do this with the .tf figs to .tosf figs.
The .tf figs are base glyphs not companents of the standard figs.

infererior, numr, and dnom are all blue and can be shifted up/down. Just the tabular ones appear as green and fixed.

Yes. that is an over-site. I’ll see if I can fix it.
Until then, disable the alignment and add metics keys to the base glyph. That is almost as good.

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