Green outline preventing interpolation

I’m sure I’m missing something completely obvious and very useful, but I’ve never run into this before.

What is the green outline that’s preventing interpolation of the IJ instances? How do I get rid of it (or perhaps use it for something)?

  1. Look at the numbers indicating shape order: You have four outlines in this master. I suppose it should be only two.
  2. Follow the lines for shapes one and two. They converge around the origin point. There are two tiny paths there. Possibly a stray point or the result of an accidental transformation.

That was my first suspicion too, but I can find no stray points. When I remove everything from every layer, the invisible mystery shapes remain, even though, as far as I can tell, nothing is there.

However, I created a new IJ.ss01 glyph, copied the shapes over and everything is fine there. I think I’ll just delete the problem glyph and replace it with the new one.

Thank you.

Can you do that in the macro window:

Layer.shapes = None

As I mentioned, to work around the problem I swapped the newly created IJ.ss01 glyph with the problematic IJ glyph. Rather than delete it, I saved the original problem glyph as IJ.ss02 — just in case I needed it.

Interestingly, the act of renaming it and saving the file made the non-existant mystery shapes go away. Now I have no way of recreating the problem. Very peculiar.

Thank you for the macro suggestion to clear all the shapes. If it happens again, I’ll try it.

I just had this same thing happen to me. What I realized (and what I think you have in the screengrab on the first/original post) is that i had anchors in the light weight, but not in the bold weight. Once I deleted those, my compatibility check went green again. Hope this helps.