"grid spacing" custom parameter applied to some glyphs only

I suppose the answer is “no”, but I’d like to know if it would be somehow possible to apply “grid spacing=1” to some glyphs and “grid spacing=0” to the others while exporting and instance to .otf

for some reasons, I’d need to make nodes’ coordinates to be rounded (g.s.=1) on straight glyphs (H, N, A etc) and not to be rounded for spherical ones (O, P, S etc).

Thanks in advance

You could use my LayerGeek plugin to apply rounding only to some glyphs. But perhaps I need to change something in the code for that… how urgent is it?

Not so urgent :slight_smile: but I’m afraid you’ll need to explain me how to write the string for LayerGeek as it’s beyond my knowledge I think :slight_smile:


… but I have not implemented the include/exclude part yet. But it is on my list. And… I’ll see if I can do it quickly :slight_smile:

Ok thanks, but don’t worry I have so much to do I’ll really need it in some months, even if knowing it’s possible makes my workflow viable.

Ah, sorry, it should be a colon instead of an equal sign! So it is:

Ah, that gives me enough time :)

LayerGeek 1.0.2 is ready for download. If you use it as a custom parameter, you can now use exclude:a,b,c and include:a,b,c. It must be the last argument in the chain.

The readme is updated accordingly. Find all details there.

Can this trick be applied to any custom parameter?
if I need to exempt certain glyphs would the exclude be enough or it always need to specify the list of glyphs affected by “include” for the custom parameter?

All Filter parameters.

Sorry, the wording in my post above was not clear. You can either use exclude or include, never both at the same time.

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Does LayerGeek still work for Instance Custom Parameter filters in Glyphs 3.2(3192)? I’m trying to apply less bolding (offsetcurve) and/or scaling to accent marks in the bold instances.

Installed LG and relaunched. It’s in the Filter menu. But when I add “LayerGeek;” to the beginning of a custom parameter, it disables it.

Upon further digging I discovered that “include” and “exclude” are built into G3.

However, if I type include: or exclude: into any parameter, it crashes as soon as I type the colon.

It does work if I copy/paste.