Grid Spacing Not Enough Resolution Issue

I’m designing a display type at the moment and doing the italic, the shapes are very tight and am I creating an oblique while grid spacing is on 0, to see a version at the right angle then creating the actual drawing on a normal 1 unit grid.

I have to keep switching the Grid Spacing from 0 to 1 and back, is it possible to set one master on a certain grid spacing and another on a different one, it would be very useful to compare in this way…

A separate issue, is that when there is a drawing that has points with floating points, and then the Grid Spacing is set to 1, or changed, the drawing changes but the points don’t giving this strange drawing:

It would help the above problem if the drawing didn’t change immediately? And would only be fixed once a user moves the points

The black outline is generated from points that are aligned to the current grid. The nodes itself are not automatically rounded.

So how can I view the unrounded drawing as a reference, without making an image…?

You can try to set a sub grid to be big enough and round the foreground nodes manually.

Rounding manually would not be a realistically efficient way of doing this…

Ad long as the nodes are rounded, and you only use the keyboard to move them, they stay rounded. And you can call Paths > Round Coordinates if needed. That should work.

The issue is tangent nodes, I press up and down for their handles and they become floating points. I will try with Paths > Round Coordinates though