Group guides or assign guide thickness


Are you not aware of plugins or scripts that would help control the parallelism of the guides.
This may be true for letters with oblique (diagonal) elements.

A similar option is in Fontlab 6. There you can set the thickness of the guide.


Or if it would be possible to group guides - I thought, this can be a useful option for Glyphs by default.


Or will such an option be rarely used and therefore it is impractical to implement?
What do you think about that?


I would just take the one guide and move it over. But I use guides very rarely. Have you looked into the Show Stem Thickness plug-in?

Yes, I use the plugin Show Stem Thickness all the time!
Thank you, Mekkablue

If, then there should be a general grouping function for all elements. But that will take some time.

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If it will be necessary for someone other than me).
Anyway, thanks, Georg!