Group Kerning exceptions to Diacritics

Is there a way to link accent-letters to kerning exceptions of a base glyph, even when the kerning of the base glyph is assigned to another letter?
For example; I have the kerning of the letter u linked to ‘n’ (on the left side, at least), but have a few exceptions (like pairs ‘ku’, ‘Au’,…). The problem is that I now have to copy these exceptions to all of my u-accent-letters.

Other question: Do anchors take up space in the exported font? I’m working on a variable font with quite some bracket-layers, so I have to decompose a lot of letters for it to work. Removing all those anchors (after decomposing accent-letters) is a lot of work. And is it possible to decompose all layers of a glyph in a single action? (And maybe other actions like, make create composite,…)

Please ask one question per thread. It gets confusing.

Can you show for what pairs you like to add exceptions?

Ok sorry, I understand.
So, as you can see, I linked the left side of ‘u’ to ‘n’,
but I made an exception on the pair ‘Au’, and of course, I want the same kerning for all u-accents as well. But since I have 18 other accent-glyphs, it means I would have to add 18 new kerning pairs for basically the same letter. And I would have to repeat that for every single exception.

Answer is, not link the left side of the n and u.

If at all, use =|n as metrics key, meaning ‘the opposite sidebearing of n’.

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