Group Kerning - how to do it for stylistic sets?

Hello! Can anybody help me with kerning groups. I red Kerning tutorial several times and I tried doing what is written in the tutorial, still with no success.
My situation is: I have A-Z glyphs and A.ss01-Z.ss01. I have made kerning for my A-Z (400 pairs in total). Now I’m creating A.ss01-Z.ss01 and want all my kerning setting to be copied into these alternatives. Am I correct in my understanding that I need to create kerning groups? For example one group will be called A and it will include A, A.ss01 and all A diacritics? I tried to do it by selecting A glyphs, giving it group name A in lower left info window but the kerning doesn’t work.
Can anybody please tell me step by step what I shall do?
Or maybe there is another way to copy-paste all kerning settings at once from A to A.ss01??

Thank you!!!


What do you mean by that? When groups are set, and then you kern, kerning will be group kerning by default.

Or do you mean you have created kerning exceptions only so far? Then you can turn them into group kerning with the Compress Kerning function.

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Thank you! Compress helped. I just didn’t understand from the tutorial that I need to hit Compress for creating kerning groups

you dont, u can start off by applying groups. and do exceptions after.
defined left AND right group tho

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