Group license no longer active; try complete wipe and reinstall?

My department has a multi-seat group license for Glyphs 3. One of my students has suddenly found that the app no longer recognizes the license; it prompts her with the trial-expired window when she starts up. She reports having activated the license successfully per instructions on the website.

Deleting the app from the Applications folder and reinstalling got us to the proper startup window, but after opening the license file again and getting a confirmation window, doing any other action—opening a file, clicking a menu item—locks up the app (wheel of death).

Anyhow: my inclination is to wipe the app and all associated files completely, then reinstall and reactivate the license. Or, could this be a permissions issue? Any input would be helpful.

Replacing the app will not change anything about the license handing. What can cause this is file permissions issue in the Preferences. So checking those and maybe remove all Glyphs related preference files should fix this.

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Thanks, Georg. Do you happen to remember the names of the .plist file(s) and where they’re kept? I can’t even find them on my own machine.

Glyphs doesn’t keep the plist file.

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Ah. In that case I’ll just have her try repairing permissions.

Are there other files besides preferences associated with Glyphs stored anywhere? Repairing permissions hasn’t apparently helped.

Repairing permissions will not help on its own. You still need to re-install the license.

And she did—thank you!—and apparently the app still locks up after she gets the thank-you window.

Can you remove all plugins?

I don’t think the student has installed any, but just in case, I’ll ask her if she can get as far as the Plugin Manager and uninstall them.