Grouping Paths + Components

I realise this has already come up a few times in this forum, but I just wanted to second the request.
I know grouping things together is more a graphic designer’s idea than a type designer’s who would use anchors etc. but I still think it would be awesome to be able to lock together paths and components. At the moment, having glyphs with paths + components is a bit risky, and creating non export glyphs with anchors for single use doesn’t’ seem like the idea solution either. Just curious if you’re looking into solutions for this?
Many thanks!

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Grouping wil not help. The probleem is not that the component is moving but that the content of the component is.

In some cases it is best to add that one extra glyph. Or sometimes, corner/cap components could help.

I’m thinking about this once in a while and have some vague ideas.

Or perhaps a kind of anchor property which could have effect in base glyph (and not in component only glyphs)?
So in the case of Yen for instance you’d have a glyph with two bars as paths + an anchor to which the Y component would be attached? Just a thought…

What you are describing is exactly how two components work. Anchoring shapes is the whole point of compounds. Why cannot you turn the outline into a component?

I just think that adding a glyph for single use component isn’t ideal… But maybe I’ll get used to it :wink:

It is ideal if you want to make use of alignment. Reuse of components is not the only reason to have components.

I don’t want to group components, but it would be handy to temporarily group paths while drawing