Grouping shapes/components

Hi there
Is there a way to group components/shapes so their position are locked to each other. Cause when I change the spacing of components they move around and then I have to move them all again manually.


Yes, use anchors. Never, ever use components together with paths, for exactly the reason you described: if you change the component’s sidebearings, it will will move in all glyphs it’s used in, while the paths (and anchors) will, of course, stay in place.

Instead, only use components you either don’t ever change the sidebearings on (set them to =40 on both side, for instance), or that you align automatically. You can construct an n from _n.stem and _n.shoulder, with connect anchors in both in order to facilitate automatic alignment.

Thank for the explanation! I totally understand the process and way to go. But it would be much more intuitive and save a lot of work with a group function like you know it from illustrator or any other graphic programme :slight_smile: