GSAnchor position is read-only

Hello, I am confused. Normally, I am able to set the anchor position using GSAnchor.position(), but this results in

AttributeError: 'GSAnchor' object attribute 'position' is read-only

I am 99% sure I used GSAnchor.position() earlier today to set its position, successfully. Is this a case of Betriebsblindheit and I am muddling up something?

Try without the ().

Sorry, yes, of course. That’s what I’m doing:
l.anchors["my_anchor"].position = (0, 0)
doesn’t work.

Ok, I’m not hallucinating:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "Batch Insert", line 180, in BatchInsertAnchorMain
    anchor.position = NSPoint(x, y)
AttributeError: 'GSAnchor' object attribute 'position' is read-only

Restarting Glyphs fixed this.
Will try to reproduce.

By trying to assign to position() you probably have corrupted it.

I never used position(), this was a mistake in my original post. I’ll try and figure out what caused it, I have a vague memory of what I was doing.

…position = NSPoint(12, 34)

Just using position = (x, y) works just as well, that’s not the issue. I triggered something in a macro panel script after which the attribute became read-only.