GSComponent documentation

Hello There!

I’d like to make a few requests for additions to the documentation (

GSComponent seems to be under described in the following ways:

  1. The GSLayer method .removeComponents_() seems not to be documented at all.

  2. The documentation lists a definition for the scale of a GSComponent that I believe is mistakenly copied from the GSBackgroundImage documentation.

  3. Positioning of a GSComponent requires the use of an NSPoint, but the documentation does not site the requirement to include: from Foundation import NSPoint

These updates to the documentation will help people like me in the future.

Thank you!

You can check the source of the documentation in the Python wrapper.
And there you can see that there is a GSComponent.scale property defined.

Thanks for your input!

That is one of the ObjC methods. They are all available through the PyObjC bridge, but not all of them are necessary because there are better alternatives in the wrapper. In this case I believe you can simply del myComponent which is the more pythonesque way.