[GSLayer bezierPathWithComponents] drawing "no base glyph" for components

Can’t seem to figure this one out. Upon inspecting the GSComponent object it returns nil for .component. I tried resetting .componentName and invoking -updateComponentGlyph/updateComponentGlyphDontNotifiy/updateComponentGlyphFast but .bezierPathWithComponents always draws “no base glyph”.

A note about this layer: it’s copied with -copyThin:selection:

The component need to be in a layer object (and that needs to be in a glyph and that needs to be in a font). Otherwise it can’t get to the outlines of the other glyphs. If you just copied it, there is connection set up.

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I’ve resolved this by manually setting the _glyph ivar on the layer object.

But why do you copy the layer?

a snapshot of the layer that needs to live outside the interface but still be functional.