GSNode Attribute

Am I dreaming?
Yesterday I found and successfully used the nexOnCurve attribute for GSNodes. Glyphs 1150 on El Capitan.

Today on High Sierra, also Glyphs 1150 i get an Error, and I cannot find it anymore in the GSNode help.

What happened? Any ideas? The only difference is the OS system now. And I cannot double check on the El Capitan right now.

The delta X, delta Y and length attributes of offcurve handles: are they somehow accessible in the API? Cannot find them.

It is not in my code. Maybe you had run some script that added that method?

Ahaaa. That can be. Thanks for this!

And for question 2?

They are calculated like this:

NSInteger index = [path indexOfNode:node];
if ([Path nodeAtIndex:index + 1].type == OFFCURVE)
	deltaX = node.position.x - [path nodeAtIndex:index - 1].position.x;
	deltaX = node.position.x - [path nodeAtIndex:index + 1].position.x;
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Thank you so much!

I actually meant if those are accessible in the API, but that’s also good for me :slight_smile:

They are not :wink:

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