GSUB files of AJ1 is wrong

There are two kinds in CMap of Adobe-Japan1.

  • UniJIS
  • UniJISX0213

In addition to that, each has two kinds.

  • 90JIS
  • 2004JIS

In GSUB files of Adobe, there is no difference in UniJIS and UniJISX0213 and is only difference between 90JIS and 2004JIS.

The CMap file of AJ1 in is 2004JIS. However, the GSUB file is 90JIS.

↓These are correct files.
Original file name -> GSUB file name in

  • aj13-gsub-jp04+144.txt -> gsubAdobe-Japan1-3.txt
  • aj14-gsub-jp04+81.txt -> gsubAdobe-Japan1-4.txt
  • aj15-gsub-jp04+10.txt -> gsubAdobe-Japan1-5.txt
  • aj16-gsub-jp04.txt -> gsubAdobe-Japan1-6.txt
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