GUI border glyph grid bug

Wasn’t this fixed a while ago?


Anyone with same or similar issue?

that seems to be a problem with the Reporters Plugin. It seems to be to wide.

Thanks for the the hint @GeorgSeifert. :slight_smile:
I’ll disable it!

Do you mean the Reporter Toggler? @GeorgSeifert @rapazote

If so, ho can it be too wide? It uses the dimensions of the palette AFAIC.

Yes, I think @GeorgSeifert is referring to your plugin @Mark.
I’ve tried uninstalling through the plugin manager and it doesn’t appear as installed (even though it is) . But this is a different issue.
I’ll try working without it and I’ll let you and Georg know if it happens again.

I don’t think that removing a plugin should be a solution. If it’s causing trouble, please let me know exactly what happens and I’ll try to fix it in the plugin.

Also, what do you mean with »it doesn’t appear as installed (even though it is)«?

I have no idea if it’s your plugin causing this glyph view grid bug. This bug was reported some months ago and persists in the latest Glyph version.
@GeorgSeifert gave this hint – it might be due to the Reporter Toggler plugin. I’m trying to troubleshoot it. I know it’s not a very good process of troubleshooting it, but’s it’s the best I can do for now.
So if you think this bug might be caused by Reporter Toggler and you can help, it would be awesome! :slight_smile:

When I search for your plugin in the plugin manager window/ installed, it does not appear.

Thanks for the help!