GUI bug glyph grid?

The glyph grid goes under the right side bar.

Yes, sometimes it doesn’t know where the right boundary is, and the whole glyph set is shown in a few lines, most of which not visible.

Is this still a problem with the latest cutting edge version?

I’ll change and check!

I’ve been working with the cutting edge version for the last few days and it hasn’t happened again since.
I’ll warn you if it occurs again.

in Version 2.5b (1122), I also have the same problem.

when I press empty space below, it shows glyph info. when I double click, it opens edit window.


You don’t happen to now how to trigger it? There has to be something that causes it. If we find that, I can fix it.

It randomly happens. If I found the rule it happen, I’ll let you know.