GUI for chaining contextual positioning [like in Microsoft Volt]


Glyphs is such an amazing app, I still keep on finding features that I never dreamt were possible in Glyphs…

It would be amazing if there would be a GUI to visually position marks etc. to base glyphs in contextual positioning [with lookbehind and/or lookahead], like there is in Microsoft Volt.
Currently I write it with mkmk code, but it’s hard to guess the right numbers, for example:
pos alef-hb bet-hb dagesh-hb' <50 0 0 0>;
I need to export to InDesign Fonts folder to view every change exactly…

Do you know the Mark Preview plugin?

It shows you how the marks will be positioned if the mark (and mkmk) feature is compiled from anchors. I wonder @mekkablue if it could be upgraded to also include positioning if manual/contextual adjustments are present.

Yes, I use it.
But it would still be useful to have a GUI for contextual mark positioning…

I have some ideas about that.


Can’t wait for it…

But how does it look in Volt? Can you post a screenshot?

I’m actually working on some ideas and related things, too. But if Georg is on it already, I don’t expect me to do a race with him :smiley:

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Whatever you do, please don’t make it look like VOLT :smile:


The idea is to be able to visually position the mark, also in contextual positioning [i.e. with a lookbehind and/or lookahead].
We’re really excited & can’t wait to see what Georg will come up with!!!

P.S. maybe we could also get a visual list of the classes, like there is in Fontlab…

Got this already (Not like in FL, but better ;)). It’s just not ready yet to be published. Perhaps in about one month …

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By “classes” you mean kerning classes? They can be checked by sorting by them in list mode in font view.

I rather thought @yiddy meant OT classes.

Yes! I meant OpenType Classes…
Can’t wait to see your plugin/script [???]