Guideline granularity

There’s a lot I like about the guideline functionality but I feel like I’m missing some granular controls. Perhaps someone knows of any useful scripts or workflow tips that might help?

I find it frustrating not to be able to group clusters of global guidelines and turn visibility on and off as needed. Built-in label functionality would be helpful to mitigate a pile-up. Also working with multiple local guides with a decent number of global guides also showing becomes a bit of a distraction.

Thinking out loud: once guidelines are set to local do they then sit outside of the layer object? If so would they not merit their own discrete level? Out loud again - could groups of them be a custom master parameter to switch on and off?

I shudder thinking of fontlab and checkbox overkill for this and that… but for me guides warrant a bit more control.

When we have discussions like this, I cannot help but think that some people are overusing guidelines, way out of proportions. I cannot think of a situation where I would need more than one or two guides in a glyph. If at all.

Therefore I would like to see how you are working with guidelines, and why you need so many that you would need extra guideline management tools. Want to schedule a skype screen sharing session?