Guideline node missing

I cannot find the little circle that allows a guideline to be moved on one of my global guidelines.

It’s measurement guideline and I need to shut off the measuring indications. Since I can’t find the little circle I cannot delete, or otherwise change that particular guide. I’ve looked in blank glyphs for the circle but it just doesn’t seem to be there.

I can see all the other guideline circles, just not the one mentioned.


Then the position if the circle is outside of the bounding box. I will see if I can add something to prevent this.

Cou can delete the guideline from the file directly. Close the file in Glpyh, open the .glyphs file in a text editor (Textedit will do), search for “guideLines” (the one quite at the beginning of the file) and then you will see something like this:

guideLines = (
angle = 0;
position = “{140, 579}”;

check all position entries and for all values greater or less then 1000, change is to something smaller. Save the file and reopen it in Glyphs.

georg --"I just did this (opened the file using BBedit) to solve the same problem, but when trying to open the file in Glyphs afterwards, it gave me the error message “The file is corrupted. You can try to fix it in a text editor.”

should I re-open it and change something about the file or how I saved it? can also send it to you if it’s a quick fix that’s just weird to explain.

thanks much.

You can select the guide line by clicking on it directly. Then you see the coordinates in the info box and you can change any value that is too small or too big.

I can have a look at your file.

I got it! had a slightly earlier version archived. thanks.