Guideline problems Version 2.3b (881)

  • Trying to move a global guideline causes a crash. I select two points, create a guideline, then convert to global, then lock it, then unlock it, and then try to move it once or twice, it crashes.

  • I also can’t delete a global guideline

  • This script also does not work now. I know its possible to right click and create guidelines but I like being able to assign a shortcut and I like that this script places the guideline at one of the selected nodes.

The same issue here.

I can’t reproduce it.

Does the script work for you?
Here’s a screen recording,

I commented on GitHub where the mistakes are. Fix them, and it works.

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@mekkablue It still doesn’t work though?

Did you send the crash report? The one that comes up after you restart Glyphs.

Yep like 4 times, two of them with a link to this thread.

  1. I sent another one just now of the moving global guideline crash
  2. Here’s a video of the strange behaviour of the above script (the shape and guidelines blink in and out of existence), and subsequent crash. I also sent another subsequent crash report

You are still on version 881?

Ah, I didn’t get the update notice, will do now.

It was not about the update. I was looking for the crash report and they are sorted by version.