Guideline snapping problem (workaround)

I’ve noticed this problem sometimes where I try to drag a guideline and align it to a node on a path, but the snapping feature doesn’t work properly. It seems to want to snap close to but not quite on the node, forcing me to give up and move it with the arrow keys to get it aligned. It only happens sometimes, and seemed kind of random.

I just figured out that it happens when a guideline has been flipped using the horizontal mirror transformation button. This causes the guideline position to be relative to the right sidebearing as you can see here:


As long as this is the case, the guideline will not snap to nodes properly using the mouse. To fix it, click the button to set its coordinates to be relative to the left sidebearing:


I’m not sure now if this is related to applying the mirror function to a guideline. I’m pretty sure it was doing that earlier today, but now it’s not. Not sure what was happening there. But it is definitely related to making the coordinates relative the right sidebearing, however that happens to be invoked.

Sometimes when the distance you move it is very smal it will snap with its original x or y coordinate. What I do them is move it away first, and then drag again to snap it on the intended point.

I know about that, but that’s not what’s going on. No amount of moving the handle farther away or whatever will get it to snap properly. The only thing that seems to fix it is to make sure the guideline’s position is not set to be relative to the right sidebearing. Maybe I’ll post a video to show what I mean.

Here’s a video:


First, I show what happens when the guideline is positioned relative to the left sidebearing, and you can see that it snaps to the node correctly. Next, I set it to be relative to the right sidebearing, and you can see that it won’t snap to the node. At the end of it, I use the cursor keys to align the guideline to the node. When you see the 0,0 coordinates appear, that’s when it’s aligned.

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I’ll have a look.

edit: I fixed it.

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